A New and Improved Playphone

Our partnership with GungHo is very productive, and it’s opening up lots of amazing new opportunities for your games including a bigger presence in the world’s fastest growing gaming markets.

First off, Playphone is reaching new gamers in Southeast Asia like no one has ever done before. According to NewZoo, Southeast Asia is the fastest growing gaming region in the world with over 125M gamers – of which, 48% are spending over $1.1 Billion annually.

New Playphone stores are now live in Singapore and Indonesia, and new stores are coming soon to India and Taiwan. Playphone’s game stores are uniquely positioned to succeed in these exploding markets because of our strategic partnerships with local distributors and alternate payment providers, enabling easier access to games and preferred payment methods.

Second, we’re taking a greater leadership role in the operation of our game stores, and we’ll now be responsible for the distribution of your games in all regions. This is great news for you because:

1. It opens up our ability to partner with multiple regional companies (wireless operator, handset manufacturer, marketing company, scratch card distributor etc.) that will help maximize installs and revenue for your games; and
2. It enables us to streamline the game onboarding process, including faster game approval times, and a massive reduction of paperwork — just one developer agreement to sign to launch games globally.

And, you’ll notice that Playphone-branded stores are being rolled out in more markets, replacing the white-labeled stores.

Third, we continue to upgrade our game store experience. We’ve optimized the store download times so they are now equal to or better than the leading competition, and we’ve included additional payment methods in the store to make it easier for gamers to purchase. Playphone’s new wallet features a wide range of region-specific payment methods including operator billing, credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, gift cards and scratch cards.

Fourth, PlayPhone’s updated developer portal is launching with a newly designed workflow for easier onboarding and publishing of your games in each region including localization. The updated analytics and reporting will also provide greater insights into the performance of your games in these regions.

We want these upgrades to be as painless as possible for you, so no developer action is required from you at this time. Your existing Playphone Agreement covers the added reach and the deployment of your games in all regions. However, moving forward, you will be paid by Playphone rather than the operator.

On top of this, you’ve probably seen us update our logo recently. It’s all part of our fresh take on this amazing opportunity. We’re working tirelessly to be your essential game distribution and monetization partner in emerging markets and across the globe, so you can make more money and focus on making great games.

I’d love to hear your feedback. Reach out to me at devrelations@playphone.com and let me know what you think.