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Playphone launches Wynk Games- a subscription gaming service in India

Playphone launches Wynk Games- a subscription gaming service in India

Playphone is announcing the launch of Wynk Games- a subscription gaming service in India. In partnership with Airtel, the largest mobile operator in India, Wynk Games is a premier gaming destination for gamers.

Wynk Games is a premium subscription service that is available to all users in India that provides members access to unlimited premium games without paying for individual game downloads. Wynk Games subscriptions are free to Airtel users, while all other users pay a low monthly price of Rs. 29 for a premium subscription. The Wynk Game store can be downloaded from Wynk Games.

With 132 million gamers, India is one of the fastest growing mobile gaming markets, allowing Playphone to meet the increasing premium mobile game demands through Wynk Games. With the launch of Wynk Games, Playphone offers a new model of monetization to developers. All premium games that customers typically would pay for are free to customers through their Wynk subscription.

For developers, Playphone pays for every customer-initiated install of their mobile game. This provides additional downloads and increased opportunities for developers to monetize across 100% of their Android user base and maximize downloads. (repetitive)

Airtel is the perfect partner for Playphone to launch in India. With the huge success of Wynk Music and Wynk Movies, Airtel’s team has developed a deep understanding of marketing content to Indian users. The Playphone Game Store can utilize Airtel’s vast knowledge and integration with multiple billing platforms such as iPayy, PayTM and carrier billing to increase monetization for games in the region. Additionally, availability of Wynk Games through Airtel online as well as retail stores gives users a trusted and convenient way to acquire the store.

Any developer can submit games to the Playphone platform, and get access to 300M Android users in India as well as gamers around the world.

Save Data Costs with Wifi-Only Game Downloads

Starting today, gamers are now able to queue games to be downloaded over wifi instead of downloading over operator network. This is great news for gamers with limited data plans and for those those who like to download large games. Using the feature is easy. Gamers specify the maximum file size to be downloaded over operator networks on Download Options page in the Settings menu. Next time, a game that exceeds the file size is purchased, the game will automatically be queued to download over wifi. The download starts as soon as the device connects to a wifi network. Gamers can manage the download queue from their Download Options, and override the setting for those “got to have the game now” moments.

Game Downloads over Wifi

Playcredits are now Playpoints

We have renamed Playcredits to Playpoints and enhanced Playpoints functionality. The shift to Playpoints will make it even easier to track and use Playphone’s network virtual currency.  Playpoints are displayed in real currency, so it’s easy to know exactly what credits are available to purchase paid games and in-game items.  Other updates include:

  • When Playpoints are available in the player account, the Playpoints balance will be displayed instead of the price of games
  • Buy Playpoints by directly using the Playphone Wallet
  • Track Playpoints history and spend
  • Get exclusive deals on games and virtual goods by using Playpoints

Check out the new Playpoints section in the Playphone Game Store!

 Playpoints screenshots

Introducing Playphone Wallet

At Playphone, we are always thinking about making it easier for users to pay for the content they like. Today, we are introducing Playphone Wallet. Wallet is a simple and convenient way to manage your virtual currency, offers and payment methods. We are also introducing credit card as a way to pay for games. Using the Wallet, players would be able to:

  • Manage payment methods (credit cards/ debit cards/ Prepaid cards)
  • See current play credits balance
  • Manage Offers
  • Choose from multiple payment options while purchasing a game
  • Purchase more credits

When you purchase a game, players can select a payment method of their choice.

You can access Wallet in the store by opening the menu. You might even have some $$$ in it now that you can spend.