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Chief Product Officer

Bhaskar is PlayPhone’s Chief Product Officer and brings more than 20 years of experience in building innovative products and taking them to market. He is an entrepreneur and a leader with proven startup experience (like PlaceWare, Qik) as well as leading groups within large organizations, like Oracle, Microsoft and HP.

Announcing PlayZone – Our latest game stores for 200M+ gamers in Middle East

Hey Game Devs,

PlayPhone’s newest game store – branded PlayZone — is coming to the Middle East! We’re only telling a select group of developers about the store before the official announcement so we can feature your game for the launch. You’ll reach over 200 million smartphone owners in over 12 countries and over 1 billion gamers worldwide. The Middle East region has one of the highest number of smartphone users and socially engaged gamers in the world.


The Challenge of Getting Your Game Noticed

Let’s face it: app stores are crowded and it’s often a challenge to get your game noticed (unless you are lucky enough to go viral; but lets face it, you have a better chance of winning the lottery) and played by qualified gamers without having to spend a ton of money on acquiring users. Wide distribution is important, but smart distribution is even more important–getting your game noticed by the right people at the right time, and using word of mouth recommendations will help build awareness for your game.

This is where PlayPhone can help; we are building the next-gen carrier-grade social games network. Partnering with leading global carriers, PlayPhone is powering their social games stores and linking them all to a global gaming network.  Carriers are coming back in a big way and are ready to significantly impact the mobile gaming ecosystem.  Here’s why.

Back in the day when feature phones ruled, they were making a lot of money selling downloadable games and content on feature phones. With that revenue stream drying up, they realize that they need a next generation platform especially for games as at the end of the day that’s where consumers spend the most money in the application stores.

Carriers control the end-to-end experience of their customers from the time they come into to the retail store to buy a phone all the way to what services they have access to on their phones and what makes their customers happy and loyal. They know that an engaging gaming experience is critical to their success.

Focused on Games, Inherently Social.  PlayPhone’s carrier games stores are app stores that are focused solely on games.  Layered with social features, games stores empower friend groups to promote your game to all friends, pushing awareness and trial of your game to the right people and putting it on the path to success.

Massive, new distribution.  PlayPhone recently announced Games Portal on Verizon, and Ideias Social Games for Claro Brazil.  Preloaded on millions of mobile devices, your game gets a massive new on-deck distribution channel. Look for more announcements to come soon. 

Monetize through one-time purchases and subscriptionsA key part of the PlayPhone platform is the billing engine that is integrated with our carrier partners globally. For the developer this means frictionless billing and for the user they can purchase games and virtual goods without having to ever take out their credit card. Any game purchase or in-game purchase appears directly on their phone bill.

Best of all our single billing API supports all carrier games stores, Google Play Store and will soon support iOS in-app billing as well. So, you can just use our SDK to handle all your billing needs across carriers and application stores.

Cloud sync

In the world where users have multiple devices, the developers should have a choice to make their virtual goods the users purchase across all their devices. Cloud sync capability provides just that. All the virtual goods the user purchases can be sync’d to our cloud to enable access to them across devices.

This is just the beginning. We believe that, in time, your phone loaded with social games stores is all anyone will need to play any game (Native, HTML5) with friends across all devices (Android, iOS).