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Elegant Game Store Design Update Uses Lollipop OS to Deliver More Immersive Gaming Experience

Playphone Game Store’s new design update fully utilizes Android Lollipop’s material design feature to showcase spectacular graphics, more vivid colors, stunning typography and full-screen imagery, providing gamers with a richer, more immersive game discovery experience.

Building the UI/UX on top of the fluid and purposeful motions that come with material design elevates the gaming to a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.

  • Gamers always have access to the right information and actions at the right moment
  • Download, install and play actions are now persistent and available whenever needed, so gamers quickly get into the action, driving install rates and more conversions for your games

As Playphone takes your games to the fastest growing Android gaming markets, it is important to ensure your games are ready to dazzle gamers on the new Android OS.

We are ready for the latest and exciting Lollipop OS. Are you? Act now and test your games on the newest Android OS. Contact us for questions or help.

PlayPhone’s New Unity SDK is Now Available!

Game devs are always looking for ways to increase revenue and player engagement for their games. At PlayPhone, we strive to give game developers an easy and fast way to reach our 870+ million gamers across the globe and monetize games using secure carrier billing.

Today, we are excited to announce that PlayPhone’s new Unity SDK is now available! PlayPhone’s Unity SDK allows game developers to use secure direct carrier billing with a single API for all in-game purchases (consumables, durables and subscriptions). In addition to monetization, game developers gain access to PlayPhone’s powerful suite of social features, live leaderboards, achievements, friend invites and brags to drive higher engagement & retention.

Building a game is hard work, but integrating with PlayPhone’s SDK 2.1 for Unity is simple and fast. The download package comes with a functional demo app and code that can be referenced for integration.

PlayPhone SDK 2.1 for Unity Features:

One Billing API to rule them all

  • The SDK provides an easy to use billing API across all carrier stores in the PlayPhone network to complete all In-App Purchases. This API offers a true one-click and frictionless experience to the consumers thus ensuring higher conversion and revenue for games.


  • The SDK includes a leaderboards API to record a players score. The leaderboard data is cached locally on the player’s device and also automatically saved to the player’s profile in the PlayPhone Cloud.   


  • The SDK includes an achievements API to record in-game achievements which are saved to the players profile in the PlayPhone Cloud.

Cloud Services:

  • PlayPhone’s cloud services ensures the players activity (leaderboard/achievement and purchase data) is accessible from anywhere.

Try our new Unity SDK today by clicking here. Also, if you have any questions or comments, please contact