HTML5 Developers Can Now Display their Games with Native Android Games!

Today we’re thrilled to announce PlayPhone’s support for HTML5 games across all Android devices, which include our very popular operator direct-billing capabilities for purchasing premium games and in-app purchases. Not only does this represent one of the largest single boosts in gaming exposure for HTML5 developers, Android gamers now have a level of access and discoverability that was previously impossible.

As of today, all of PlayPhone’s Android game stores, including the US, Asia and South America, will be a one-stop destination for both Android and HTML5 games. PlayPhone will promote HTML5 games via featured-game and featured-developers sections and via game recommendations based on user activity and history. Players can also easily browse a new ‘Web Games’ section of the portal.

Like native games, HTML5 games have a Game Detail Page and can be part of the featured/top/trending sections. PlayPhone supports both premium and freemium HTML5 games and seamlessly integrates its popular Playcredits™ virtual currency to make it faster and easier for gamers to make in-app purchases.

Developers can expect improved discoverability, higher engagement and better monetization for their HTML5 games. For developers already on PlayPhone’s mobile gaming platform, no action is required; PlayPhone will migrate their games from existing HTML5-only stores to native game stores. New developers only have to integrate PlayPhone’s HTML5 SDK.

Get your game integrated today by visiting our dev portal!


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