Playphone Partners with Gamania and GASH Bringing a New Gaming Destination to Taiwan

We’re happy to announce our latest venture in Taiwan with the help of our local partners- Gamania and GASH!

The move to expand into Taiwan is the next logical step for Playphone. Given that Taiwan is a top 10 country in the mobile games market with engaged, tech-savvy users, the opportunity to enter the market is perfect for Playphone’s advanced gaming solution. This new, improved game store will feature a fully localized gaming experience designed to make the experience familiar for users. Battles allow gamers around the world to compete in tournaments and head-to-head matchups for Reward Points. Points won in battles, tournaments and other activities can be spent directly on game purchases, virtual goods and other physical goods, services and prizes!

Partnering with Gamania and GASH is the perfect fit for Playphone. Gamania’s team has developed a deep understanding in marketing games to Taiwanese gamers.  The Playphone Game Store can utilize Gamania’s vast knowledge of the Taiwanese market to localize and customize its store to fit the demands of Taiwanese gamers. By working with GASH POINT, an ideal partner currently available in all major convenience stores and used by millions of gamers in Taiwan, Playphone give users a preferred, easy payment experience. The Playphone Game Store has integrated GASH POINT to make it secure for Taiwanese gamers to buy games or virtual items.