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What is the best way of understanding and measuring game retention?

Retention provides key information used in the optimization of your game.  A recurring user gives you many opportunities to find the best configuration of game play, engagement, monetization, and more.  High level retention stats, such as stickyness (DAU/MAU = engagement) can only give you a quick snapshot on how you are doing.  While its a good, quick health-check, it is usually not deep enough to be actionable. In order to effectively measure retention and really make it actionable, you need deeper statistic capabilities, an understanding of your gameplay, and a bit of a curious mind.

Of course you should be able to track standard usage metrics like DAU, MAU, and Time Spent (if you have the PlayPhone SDK integrated, you’re already doing this!) but additionally you should be able to track your own game defined KPIs, such as purchasing a certain item, reaching a certain level, connecting with a certain number of friends, etc. From there, you will want to be able to track cohorts, or blocks of users that fall into a certain category like ‘date acquired’ or ‘time since last play’ or ‘paying vs non-paying’, etc.

Setup consistent analysis for each cohort over time, week over week or day over day (IMO a month is a long time in the world of game play and you can miss some important trends), to identify which users exhibit great engagement and retention, which ones do not, and what are the key differences between each cohort.

As an example, you could;
Show me the week over week retention of all users who play in Easy mode vs Hard mode.
Action: Maybe the game is too easy, people like a challenge, make it more difficult and compare a new cohort versus these 2 controls.

To gauge external factors; (ex. Media Buying effort)
Show me the week over week retention of users who came from AdMob vs InMobi.
Action: Pay more per click where your better retention is to acquire more users.

If you’re not capturing data in this format, its actually become somewhat trivial using a company like Mixpanel which tracks defined actions to give you solid funnel and waterfall analysis tools. If you have the inhouse capabilities, start with simple models (ex. DAU/MAU with weekly cohorts) to get your reports ironed out, and build from there based on business questions you want answered.

Beyond that, don’t hesitate to reach out with questions!

E: scott.teger@playphone.com


Welcome to PlayPhone’s New Blog

Welcome to PlayPhones New Blog

Greetings and welcome to PlayPhone?s new Blog.  We?re excited to share our thoughts with you on the current and future states of the mobile social gaming industry and PlayPhone?s role in this dynamic category.  And since we?d like this to be a 2-way discussion, we welcome your comments as well.

You may have heard our recent announcement about the upcoming launch of Games Portal on Verizon?PlayPhone?s new mobile social gaming destination for Verizon customers. Preloaded on millions of Android devices, Games Portal is Verizon?s socially powered games app store that connects Verizon subscribers to a global gaming community. With deep social features interwoven throughout the gaming experience, we think it?s a fantastic opportunity for game developers to access a major new distribution channel and tap into the powerful monetization and marketing opportunities of a premier global carrier.

We?re also excited about the content coming to Games Portal and would welcome the addition of your game.  It?s easy to integrate your game because of PlayPhone?s single integration SDK. To find out more about PlayPhone?s developer program or to be a launch game for Games Portal, visit developer.playphone.com. 

And Games Portal is just the beginning. We are anxiously awaiting the upcoming launches of PlayPhone’s social gaming network with more top global carriers over the next year and I’m glad you’ve decided to join us for the ride. This will be the first of many blog posts that will detail PlayPhone and what it is like to run a world-class mobile social gaming company at a crucial time in the evolution of mobile gaming.

Before I go into PlayPhone any further, I?d like to give you a little background about me. My name is Ron Czerny and I am the Founder and CEO of PlayPhone. I?m a long-time gamer and have always had a passion for web and mobile games.  I sit on the board for the Mobile Entertainment Forum, founded the Brazilian Video Game Association (did I mention that I?m from Brazil?) and headed Capcom?s video game strategy and distribution for Latin America.

If you’re interested in learning a little more about my background please visit here. Lastly, I’d like to welcome you to PlayPhone?s new blog and I look forward to interacting with you all.

Ron Czerny
Founder & CEO
PlayPhone, Inc. Rotelusbiju